Monday, November 1, 2010




Puhhh!!! Puhh!!! Trying to blow the very the thick dust on this blog!! Hehe.. It's been quite some time since I last update this blog. Bukan tak ada story, in fact A LOT, been SUPER busy these days with study and Fatin (day by day makin comel.Mama yg perasan...Ooopss!! ;p)


To be frank, while I'm writing nih, sebemban RKGS notes waiting to be read! Hahaha.. Sila beratur di situ en RKGS, I'll get back to you later ya.. Let me finish with En Blog dulu.. Jap ek…Jap ek… Thank you! Hehehe


Ok, where do we start, It's end of October now, semester is coming to the end.. So.., biasalah, toward the end of sem, life becoming a bit hectic. Assignment submissions, projects, and the grandest over all, EXAMINATION... Yeeeehaaa.....


I have to work hard for final exam to survive, since my carry marks are like 'haram-jadah'. Haish...dunno what is happening to me this time. Felt like I just lost my 'mojo' (penah ada ke?? Ahaks..). Everything tak menjadi. Mid term kantoi (need to mention here, SANGAT kantoi hoccay), project dah submit baru perasan silap.. Tah pape... So, consequences nye, carry marks low, as a result, final has to be high.. SO, I have to give my all out for final, InsyaAllah..


One paper down (Robotics, on 26th), two more to go... RKGS tomorrow and DCS on 13th Nov. Ganbatte neh, Farah chan!!


Taking this moment, I would like to wish all my friends yg sama-sama blaja all the best and good luck. Ana Zainuddin, Nurul Muthmainah, Nadirah, Anija (err..sapa lagi ek.. ;p). For Cik Jah and Hajar, good luck utk VIVA… Utk Farid Alias, selamat berprojek dengan jayanya.. Hehehe..

Semoga all of us sukses-sukses belaka… Doakan I juge ye….


"Allahumma najihna fil Imtihan wal Ikhtibar fi Dunya wal Akhirah… Amin…"


Nanti I update story len..Banyak nak story neh..Hehe..







  1. Dah abis baca ke blum?? Ke tgh shopping online lagi??

  2. salam farah..

    further study eh?
    wat master ke phD?
    btw, all the best!

    gille tomeeyyyyyyy anak ko!!! geram aku!

    aku jmpe link blog ko kat fb..
    so, do link mine too eh.. ;p

  3. nak comment la..thanks farah..doakan tgh tunggu mood nak study dcs..pagi tadi exam mechanical vibration...ya Allah..masa mencemburi tak sempat nak jawab ke semua soalan..hope DCS nurul tak macam ini..

  4. opss lupe..wish u luck in ur exam..chaiyok DSC online mmg best kan!tp jgn diabaikan si buku2 itu


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