Friday, April 16, 2010

Oh my...Oh my...Somebody is missing her grandparents..


Today is Day 2 Ayah & Mama away for Umrah..And somebody is start looking after her grandparents already... Sapa lagi kalau bukan si kecik Fatin Amani ni..

She was cranky all day yesterday...refuse to sleep.. Dalam buai merengek, dukung pun merengek, letak je atas katil lagi la meraung.. I was so worried if she was in pain.. Demam ke, sore throat ke, kembung perut ke but temperature is normal, perut pun ok. So Angah and I keep looking for reasons of her crankiness and why she refused to sleep even though I can see from her eyes that she's tired already..

At 9 pm, she still didn't sleep. Had to call hubby and report since I really didn't know what made her feel uncomfortable and refused to sleep. I thought maybe dia nak tido dengan Ayah dia as she does every night. Hubby terus cut short the tuition class and went straight home. But still, even with her Ayah, she didn't fall asleep. I felt so helpless and kesian tengok my baby. Dia penat, tapi mata tak mau lena.. We finally decided to use 'talian hayat' which is my mom-in-law and asked. She asked us to use Mama's or Ayah's cloth yang dah pakai to wrap Fatin up. I was like.., hmm..., takkan la kot, apa kena mengena.. But anyway, we did give a shot. So hubby took Mama's kaftan and wrap her up. And suprise, suprise, she stop crying and fall asleep soundly not long after that.. I was soooo relief.. ALHAMDULILLAH.. FINALLY... Huhuhu...

Rupa-rupanya, she misses her Nenek & Atok la tu.. Tu yang being cranky tu ek.. Ye la, usually early in the morning, Nenek dah jenguk dia, cium-cium dia.. In the afternoon, tidur Atok yang dodoikan.. Out of sudden, sunyi je rumah from Nenek's & Atok's voice and cuddle... Poor lil' girl.. Sabar k dear.. They'll be back soon.. For the time being, tidur la berselimutkan baju Nenek dulu ye... Hehe...



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