Thursday, April 15, 2010

Have a safe journey...


Hey there! Morning...

Mama and Ayah are off for Umrah for 2 weeks...They departed from KLIA at 130am today. Unfortunately, Fatin n I are forbidded from sending them off to KLIA :( Mama said, Fatin is still too 'fresh' to be out at late night. Nanti meragam sapa yang susah.. Hmm, ye juge.. So,obeying my Mama's order, 3 of us stay at home. Hantar sampai depan pintu je and suprisingly, I cried.. 2 minggu je pun!! Manja sungguh! Huhu.. Only Angah & Adik sent them to KLIA. Nevertheless, we are definitely gonna be there at KLIA to pick them up on 28th..Yeay!!!

They are going straight to Cairo first. Have a visit there for few days, n to complete their delivery mission.. Haha.. Gonna meet my bro-in-law there to pass some stuffs that Mak (mom-in-law) kirim with luv.. He's now doing his degree in Syariah studies in Al-Azhar Uni.. So, since Mama & Ayah are going to Cairo, she sent some stuff (Kg Delek marii!! ;p) for his son.. Gudluck Mama & Ayah for you mission.. Hope it accomplish successfully... Hehe..

Then they are off to Madinah n Mecca for Umrah.. May everything goes well for their 'ibadah there, InsyaAllah, Amin.. :)

So I'm going to be all alone (I mean.., without EXPERT support from Mama.. Hehe..) to handle Fatin's stuff starting from today.. Fatin, be nice ok baby.. Mama is still an Amateur being a Mama, so you have to tolerate with me k dear.. Hehe..

Anyway, InsyaAllah, we r going back to Kg Delek for few days. Fatin's never been there since she was born. So we are going to bring her to see her Ayah's hometown n meet her Javanese family members..

However, I'm a bit worried, since she is used to air-conditioning room here in Gombak. And weather are without-mercy HOT these days, so, I'm worried she can't adapt.. But anyway, we have to give a shot.. InsyaAllah, she'll be fine.. (I'm crossing my fingers...Huhu)..

Ok..have to stop now..Going to take Fatin for bath! So, so long Mama & Ayah, may you have a safe n barakah journey..n Kg Delek, here we come!! :)


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