Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Price That I Have to Pay...

*Note : this post was written on 20th may,tapi tak dan nk meng'publish'kannya..hehe..*
Assalamualaikum u'ols...,

today i brought faris for his 2nd month jab at a clinic nearby our house. Ok,i admit,we were a bit late.almaklumla,orang beranak kecik,macam-macam lah halnya..

when we reached the clinic,they were a lot of people waiting i stopped at the counter to register,but they were one more patient was registering at that time.Since the patient before me *at the registration counter* took quite some time to register and faris was restless n it's hard for me to handle him with one of my hand holding the card and carrying my large handbag *note: once u have children,it is advisable to have a bigger handbag for baby stuff storage purpose..hahaha*,i just signaled the nurse that i will leave my card there n plz do anything necessary to get faris name in the que.

Took one of the seat and tried to calm faris down.alhamdulillah,he settled down eventually.
1 hour passed,we were still not being called.faris started to feel uncomfortable.luckily i did brought my nursing cover along,so i breastfed him there..he was calm and fell asleep. I kept changing the position of holding him since lenguh bahu and tangan dukung with 1 position for a long time. Not long after that,we were called to weigh and measure his height. 

Patutlah lenguh betul bahu mama ni dik oi,your current weight is 6.2kg! Kus semangat anak ku... His height is 60cm.. Alhamdulillah,my bujang teruna membesar bagaikan juara...


Then we waited to see the doctor.2 hours passed,still,no call. Haiyo..... Tangan dah tak terasa ni. Kebas dah... Perut pun dah lapar. Faris was not rili sleeping after the weighing session.. Guess dia marah since his sleep was interrupted earlier. Tried to breastfeed him once again,dia dah tak mau dah.. Maybe he wasn't feeling cmfortable feeding under the cover dalam keadaan dia tak selesa camtu...penat tak dapat baring betul-betul maybe..

So he started to on his siren,and both of us suddenly became the main attraction among the patients.semua org tengok i dok memujuk org bujang ni..yang lebih memalukan,i pakaikan romper 'superman' hari ni.jadi memang memalukan lah bila 'superman' mama ni menangis sampai bergegar klinik sebab tak selesa je..huhuhuhu...camano nak selamatkan dunia ni..hehe...

Finally,we were called.the doc apologized for the took only 5 min to take the shot and of course,my superman was crying like been severely abused lah sbb kena jab i rushed to the payment counter to settle the boleh rushing to the car and turn on the aircond and breastfeed faris.

 The nurse said,'100'...

I was shocked. Hah?? 100??
Oh mannnnn.... I had only rm60 cash in my purse.. Where the hell am i going to find another 40 at 
that time.. There's no atm nearby. And unluckily, they don't accept credit card nor debit card..

Padan muka sendiri, tak buat research what is the cost for 5 serangkai shot. Masa 1month hari tu, kena RM55 je.. Including ubat selsema untuk Fatin sekali.. Kali ni, without medicine, kena RM100..
So dengan muka kesian, i told the kakak that i only had 60 cash... That kakak smiled and said,
'tak apa,nanti bayar balance ptg karang...'


waduh,waduh...kalut sungguh la..with faris crying like a baby *nasib baik dia mmg baby,hehe* and cash tak cukup nak settle bill! I think,people that see me over there will feel pity for me.mcm ibu tunggal yg sungguh kasihan gitu...hahaha....

I quickly brought faris to the car and breasfed him.barulah dia minum dgn tenang.sambil tu i termenung memikirkan nasib and pikir atm mana i nak bawak my cranky son untuk withdraw duit langsaikan hutang dgn klinik,plus,kat mana nak beli makanan *selepas withdraw duit*....
Kalau call enche suami soh hanta duit pun,tunggu dia dtg dari pj nun,mcm buang masa je.nak singgah atm,dlm keadaan faris tengah mood tak baik tu wasn't rili a good idea.


finally,dgn rasa berat hati,i call my ayah.actually,if possible,i don't want to trouble my parents with my problem.dah nak masuk 3series pun,masalah kecik-kecik tak leh nak setel sendiri..harapkan mama n ayah. 
Tapi nak buat camano,tadi kes,my dad lah yg me'rescue'kan saya dari berhutang dgn klinik dan mengisi perut yang dah masuk angin kelaparan...hahaha...
Kalau ingat-ingat,memang malu..Well,that's the price that i have to pay for being a mother..betapa tak larat,betapa tak selesa menunggu bukan main lama dengan gendong a cranky baby seberat 6.2kg,betapa malu duit tak cukup nak settle bill,betapa lapar,perut tak berisi,demi anak,redah juga lah...

Superman debab mama...

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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