Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kisah BCG...


Jz now,ayah,mama and i were chatting regarding faris' bcg shot.then ayah told his experience taking bcg shot when he was a lil boy.

Like nowadays,people from clinic/hospital came over to d school to jab d students.during that time,they addressed dis medical assistant as 'dressa' (dresser). So ayah n his friends were asked to que up.he was so afraid being jabbed *even until now!* thought hard on how he can escaped frm being shot.coincidently,1 of his friends that was queing wif him was also scared. So dis 2 lil boys agreed to cooperate.guess what they did?
They pinched each other so hard,until there's a mark on their arm! Then they claimed to d dressa,dat they already got their shot since there was mark on their arm!
Unfortunately,the dressa didn't buy it,and these 2 fellas had to b back in line n finally being shot wif bcg jab.. As for my ayah,he had to bear d pain on both arms,one of being jabbed n d other one of being pinched!

Mama n i were laughing so loud sampai faris pun terjaga.hahaha.pity atok kan fatin and faris? Punya takut kena jab,sanggup kena cubit! Harap badan je besar.. ;p

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