Saturday, March 30, 2013

14th march : Faris rusydi sees the world


Kali ni,i nak post rentetan kisah melahirkan my hero ni.kinda a memoir la,so that nanti bila i dah tua,dah lupa,leh baca semula.or mana tau faris leh baca sendiri nanti.hahaha.

So,as i mentioned earlier in my previous post (title:preeclampsia),i was admitted on 13th.act,doc suruh dtg after midnight,jd nya kalau ikut date,dah masuk 14th la..reason being,dia nak tolong i cut cost frm being charged for ward extra 1 night.considerate kan?hehehe..

So mlm tu,lepas tidurkan fatin,around 1130pm camtu,kami gerak from mama's house.agak dramatic malam tu,coz i dunno why,i was so emotional and felt so sad nak tinggalkan d sleeping fatin.i kissed her like more than 20times kot before i left.was worried dat it might be d last time i can see n kiss her.even pesan kat my sis,if anytin happen to me,plz take care of fatin like her own.. *emo kan?*

Done salam2 and mintak maaf n ampun frm my parents n siblings,hubby n i departed to d hospital.Actually started daripada siang tu,after being told dat i need to deliver my baby d very next day,hati dah dup-dap dah.a friend said,lebih baik rasa sakit nak beranak tu spontaneously rather than dah tahu awal,esok ko akan rasa sakit beranak!double nervous kot.haha.i pon tak tahu,sebab tak ada pengalaman rasa spontaneous delivery's pain.both times pun induced.hehe.

Sampai hospital,register,bla,bla,around 1am,we were ushered to d ward.alhamdulillah,guess mmg rezeki kami,dapat ward single bedded room like what we requested,inspite of being told dat d maternity wards were fully occupied at 1st.i dah cuak jugak,takut tak dapat single bedded.policy hospital for maternity ward,kalo non single bedded,husband tak leh teman..memang tak mo la kan,tengah nervous tu,kena dok sorang alhamdulillah,dapat jugak room yg mengizinkan enche jdai temankan isterinya yg manja ini,ahaks!

Hubby asked me to get some nice sleep.esok nak pakai energy byk,he said.i couldn't agree more,but,d thing is,i jz couldn't fall asleep!maybe i was too nervous,plus too anxious to meet d little one..nurse came over to check my bp,n it was not less than 160,everytime!parah tk parah la penangan nervous nk beranak!haha..

(to be continued..)

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