Monday, August 1, 2011

Mama, Saya Lapar..

Assalamualaikum u'olls...

Salam Ramadhan.. How are u'olls on the 1st day of Ramadhan.. I'm hoping that u'olls are in good health and even more energetic and alert than normal days.. InsyaAllah... 

Guess everyone knows that fasting shouldn't be an excuse for us to be weak, slow and worse becoming lazy.. Allah will never ask HIS servants to do anything that will cause bad effects to us. But unfortunately in Malaysia, we grew up with that perception.. Ramadhan is the month to relax-relax.., malas-malas.., tido-tido.. As if, when we're fasting, we can't do much/any work.. *yours truly pon sama dengan je... Haih...*
Patutnya tak camtuh kan? Do you guys remember the sirah, where Rasulullah s.a.w and sahabat even went to war during Ramadhan!! Amazing kan? Jom, baca sikit pasal Perang Badar.

Hehe.. Ok, now, back to the original topic.. Kisah Mama, Saya Lapar.. hehe.. Actually, I just wanna share with u'olls, I just bought a book entitled Mama, Saya Lapar written by Wardina Safiyyah *Oh.., I adore this woman!!*.. I believe, most of you mommies knew this book, and I believe most of you had it already..

Actually, I was introduced to this book by a very good friend of mine.. Pn Izzah Sidek.. *Thanks Cik Jah!!*.. Lama dah.. In fact, almost a year dah.. It was Ramadhan last year when we double date for iftar secara berjemaah.. Hehe.. She lent me her copy. Masa tuh, Fatin was just started to take solid. So, she let me borrow the book for my guidance.. It do really helps.. Banyak yang I belajar from the book.. 

So, after a year, and since I guess Izzah might also need the book now for her kids *we mommies always need to refer to something isn't it?*, so I decided to have my own copy.. Thus, it's easier for me to refer.. Although I dah katam sekali baca buku tuh, tapi of course lah tak dapat nak hafal semua info dalam tuh kan? So, better ada my own copy for reference.. 

And I tell u'olls what, memang sangat worth it to buy this book.. Banyak graphics and the points are elaborated in such an interesting and eye-catchy way.. 

Information? Of course loadssss of it.. Ada certain things that we might think remeh, tapi bila kita hadapi masalah tuh, kita garu kepala tak tau nak buat apa.. Contohnya masalah anak dengan sayur.. *tak payah anak la, kadang-kadang the mommies & daddies pon ada problem dengan sayur! Haha*.. Then how to handle children yg liat sangat nak makan.. Then ada jugak info on breastfeeding.. And yg I paling suka, ada some recipes that Wardina suggests for kids berbeza-beza ikut umur.. For me yg slalu pening apa nak bagi anakanda makan ni, memang a big help la..

So, I memang recommend for mommies yang looking for reference for your kids's diet and eating habit, this book is just perfect!
I surely believe, the book is available in any book store. Sebab the penerbit is Alaf21.. But, I bought my copy via online je.. Haha.. Biasala, I kan pemalas.. So, ada online, rembat terus. I ordered thru Karangkraf Mall. Price is RM19.90 sahaja.. :)

Together with "Mama, Saya Lapar" book, I also ordered a novel, entitled "Valentina Nervosa".. Actually, the author of this novel was my schoolmate masa kat SMKA Kuala Selangor dulu.. Nurul Syahida.. The novel is super best! *not because she's my friend or watsoeva, but citer tuh memang best tau!*.. I dah baca 2 of her novels. This "Valentina Nervosa" and "Aku kan Novelis". Both of it memang tak mengecewakan.. Khusyuk nih baca.. *sampai geram ngan Fatin bila ngada-ngada tarik perhatian bila mama tengah layan novel.. Ish..ish..ish... Bad Mama...! *

Going to get another 2 of her novels soon.. "Plain Jane" and "Soalnya Hati"..

Therefore for friends yang suka baca novel *dan berangan we are the heroin of the story while reading it..oooppss...*, try to read one of Nurul Syahida novel, terbitan Buku Prima, I guarantee, u'olls mesti nak carik her karya yang lain.. Hehe.. Such a talented author! *aih.. up member lebih nampak! Haha..*

Books yang BEST!!

Guess that's all for now.. Till next time.. Have a good day, selamat berpuasa, dan berbuka puasa u'olls!! Muuaaahh... ;p

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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