Thursday, September 5, 2013

Always be my star..


Soon, Educare will be organizing a sport's day. And during the sports' day, there will be a performance by a group of selected 3-4 years old students. Since last year, watching the kids performing, dancing so cute, I already put a hope that my baby girl will be one of them,performing, for this year's event.

So the time has come, sport's day is around the corner, they have started practicing since early of August. They *the teachers* will select the best out of all of 3-4 years students to join the performance group. I was nervous honestly, wondering whether my baby will be in..

Yesterday, I just got to know, Fatin is not selected to join the group.. I'm not going to lie, I am frustrated. But I think I know why.. I saw her practicing the other day, and from her expression, I knew, she didn't enjoy it. She was not giving attention of what teachers do when the teachers taught the dance step. She even made 'I-don't-want-to-do-this' face...


Honestly, I am surprised. And worried. Why she didn't enjoy doing that at school, whilst she is sooo good at performing at home. She enjoys singing, dancing even acting *as mickey mouse, sometimes, team umizoomie and etc*.. At home, she is a happy, smart *from her mother's perspective lah..ahaks..* girl! But at school, she's the contrary!

Enche Suami and I talked about this yesterday. And how frustrated I am. And we came into conclusion, guess, it's just not her time to shine yet and that is not her stage! Maybe, as for the time being, her performance is just for exclusive audiences. And they are us, her family..

As long as we know, that her development is on par with her age, then nothing to worry.. She is just a lil bit shy with strangers. And her resistance showing her true self towards strangers is high, so that explains her behavior at school...  

And we *parents of Fatin & Faris* also decided, InsyaAllah, we'll try our best not to set standards for our children. You must achieve this, you must be selected into that and what so ever. From our point of view, that will only adding the tension and affect their development..

But, InsyaAllah, to ensure they have a good life later, maybe we can guide them to set their own target. And make them understand, the importance of having a good target. Giving them options and let them decide. Encouragement and endless support for them to reach their target..InsyaAllah..

So, it's ok Fatin! *Err..I think, 'it's ok Mama Fatin' is more appropriate actually.. Sebab Fatin tak ada perasaan pun tak terpilih, mama yg terlebih frust! Muahahaha..*

Mama nak Fatin tahu, yang Mama berbangga dengan Fatin every single day in your life since you were born! It's ok if you're not selected to be one of the stars, coz in my heart, you are always a star! I love you mucho mucho my baby girl!

Paling comel di hati ku.....

*I owe myself (sebab aku yg sendiri nak coret memori) a post about Faris' 1st day at school.. Tapi I decided to write on Fatin's story first, sbb rasa dah lama tak cerita pasal my lil princess yg ala-ala diva (di rumah sahaja,sila tahu!) itu..Hihihi..* 

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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