Monday, November 19, 2012

To my dear Bro & Sis in Gaza...

Assalamualaikum u'ols...

Guess everybody is aware of what happening in Gaza all these while. It's been going on for quite some time already, yes, but recently, the latest attack really breaks our heart...dekat FB, and twitter, ramai yg update pasal tragedi Gaza.. And ramai gak yg upload gambar-gambar mangsa Gaza.

Honestly,I memang tak sanggup nak tengok gambar2 mangsa di Gaza,especially the kids n babies, and baca cerita2 sadis yg berlaku di tanah Gaza.Not that I don't care, I just can't bear watching and reading, yet I'm still here doing nothing..I'm still in one piece, not a scratch,sitting here in front my laptop peacefully,typing this post, and them, our bro & sis, our children are frightened to death, and some are even in pain losing their hands, legs and the other parts of the body...Allah hu akbar....Make me feel more helpless and useless..I just can't bear watching... It breaks my heart..... Too vulnerable? Maybe..

To my bro & sis in Gaza...,
I'm sorry ur sister here can't do much for you..this is the least thing that I can do, I pray for your safety and health.May Allah equip u'ols with strength and guts to go on.may ur pain and death is blessed with Jihad by Allah s.w.t.
I rili hope that we can meet later in Jannah (where ur place is secured coz u r among the mujahid fi sabilillah,and mine is still undetermined) coz I wud love to hear ur stories bout how courageous n brave you were, fighting those disgusting and coward monsters.. Amin...

Loads of love, 

* Farah Jasni*

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