Sunday, December 4, 2011

time flies....


Hi u'ols!!!! Feel like ages since I last visit this blog... Sorry dude for abandoning you for so long! Jangan merajuk ok!

Hey, it's December already!!! How time flies! Did u'ols noticed? Time flies really fast now.. It's a sign that we are nearer and nearer to Qiamah soon.. Huhuhu.. May Allah place us all with the righteous. Amin.....

Ok, actually, there's a lotttt to update. But, it just typical me that malas nak karang ayat and update blog. No one other than me la yang at loss here.. Hehe.. Because my intention to create this blog at the 1st place is to make it sort of memory lane where I jot down everything interesting happening in my life.. So later when I grow old, leh la baca-baca balik, and laugh..

First to update, bout my lovely budak kicik, Fatin Amani. Guess some of you might already know *thru my FB* that last few weeks, Fatin was admitted to hospital due to her prolonged cough and flu. Guess I mentioned before that she is frequently attacked by cough and flu. Bila dah kena tuh, lama baru nak baik. One good reason for it is she stays at nursery. Every pediatrician that I met agree with that. So her body doesn't have enough time to recover before kena attack balik. Ye lah, dia dah baik, ada budak berhingus, main sama-sama, balik rumah, anak I pun berhingus balik.. Pusing-pusing cam gitu lah..

But that day, it was on Wednesday, someone from Educare called me and told me that Fatin was having a very high fever. The temp was 38.7 degree Celsius. Hah.., I pon apa lagi, tak cukup tangan kemas barang-barang and straight away went to fetch her and went back home.

Alamak!! Anak dara I dah bangun pule... Nanti I sambung lagi....

Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*

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