Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bye-bye 2010, Welcome 2011..

Salam U'olls..

Another plus minus 60minutes for us to stay in 2010.. Then we are going to be in a new year of 2011...

So, before 2011 comes, I wanna list down the interesting events of 2010...

Of course, the most memorable ever is to have FATIN AMANI yang sangat comel (mama perasan) in 26th Feb 2010. Alhamdulillah, I'm so grateful to Allah for giving me the lil angel... She is such a blessing for me, in fact for the whole family...

1st day of her life.. 26th Feb 2010

Fatin dear, mama love you so much... Mama pray for you every single second for you to be healthy and have a good life, Ameen..

2ndly, To be part of IIUM family again, as a student and InsyaAllah as an academician later on… Again, I'm so thankful to Allah for giving me the 2nd chance for me to be offered the fellowship scholarship by IIUM. Why 2nd chance? Panjang cite nye.. Hehehe.. Tak dela.. Actually, after graduated in 2007, I did applied for academic trainee position (what I am now la..) at IIUM. And Alhamdulillah, I was offered. But masa tuh, I have started to work as a Test Development Engineer in Flextronics Shah Alam (such a beautiful experience though…Miss that place and my colleagues there.. Huhuhu..). So, I dah syok kerja, having the opportunities to improve my hands-on skill, so I neglected the IIUM offer.. Sedar-sedar, dah lepas the validated time for the offer. Kira terlepas la the 1st opportunity.

So in this year, right after the confinement (in fact belom cukup 40days pon), I went to IIUM to send my 2nd application. The intention is actually to cuba nasib je.. Coz masa tuh I dah dapat offer from UiTM as the Tenaga Pengajar Muda (something like Academic Trainee in IIUM gak la..). Alhamdulillah, I regarded UiTM's offer as rezeki jugak! Oh in fact, about the same time of the UiTM offer, I received another offer as Research Officer for Agensi Angkasa Negara. Haha.. It was on February 2010. Sometime before Fatin was born.. memang rezeki melimpah ruah masa tuh.. Bersyukur sangat.. Bak kata orang, rezeki anak dalam perut… Hehehe

However, despite of the offers, I was still hoping, that maybe I can get the IIUM Academic Trainee… No heart feeling, tapi memang I prefer to serve IIUM rather than other Uni.. Hehe..

So my friend, Dyana, and I, gigih la pi IIUM untuk hantar application. Yang bestnya, masa tuh, both of us were in confinement! Dyana at that time baru a week after D&C sbb miscarriage at her 1st pregnancy ( L ).

Mungkin berkat kegigihan both women-in-confinement (cam lawak term nih!Haha) nih, Allah bagi rezeki kat kami.. Alhamdulillah, we were both offered!

So, the offer of Academic Trainee in IIUM, I would say the 2nd most blissful rizq that Allah had given me in the year of 2010..

**************ooopppsss, break sekejap.. Fatin bangun, nak nenen… Hehehe…***********************************

Ok, I'm back… ;p

2010 is the starting year of my journey as a studying mama & wifey…! And YES, it is very challenging. So not the same with studying as single lady with no commitment and responsibility. It's not that I'm complaining ek.. In fact, I'm grateful that having the chance to experience this!

A lot need to change! The attitude, the discipline, the level of focus and passion towards study and of course, the most important over all, the TIME MANAGEMENT!! (and sadly, I masih fail bab nih.. Haishh.. Masuk list azam new year.. Huhu).

There is times when I need to choose either to be a mama or a student in that particular time.. Hahaha.. Example, I have midterm the next day and need to stay up late to revise. And it is sooo happened that Fatin chooses that particular night to be cranky and tak nak tido and only me can let her calm.. So, I have to choose to be with her and neglect my revision, or vice versa... Haaaa…, jeng,jeng,jeng..! Challenging kan?

If u'oll in that situation, what will u'oll do? Believe me, the situation happened and in my case, I chose my daughter of course!! Sebab tuh la midterm I kantoi… (alas an…. Sapa soh tak study awal! Back to basic, TIME MANAGEMENT! Haha).
  1. Super-Mom, perhaps??? Hehehehe....

    Ok, I dah penat nak tulis panjang2… hehehe.. 2010 is also..

    * Starting point of my breastfeeding journey.. Mestila kan.., sebab Fatin pon was born this year.. Hopefully the journey continues until she is 2.. May Allah permits me to do that.. Ameen..

    * My beloved grandmother started to show sign of Alzheimer and the other grandmother had stroke attack…. :(

    * Started to berjinak-jinak with online shopping…

    * The year of I 1st created this blog!!! ;)

Actually, there are still some events happened in 2010, but can't remember it now.. But I guess, I listed quite a lot already.. Cukup la tuh.. Hehehe..

So, with all the memorable events, I would like to say, BYE-BYE 2010… And 2011, welcome aboard!! May 2011 will bring us more blessings from Allah and healthy and happy life ahead, InsyaAllah…



  1. salam, akak..nk tanye..yg academic trainee iium ni camne interviewnye? boleh kongsikan? saye rase mcm nk apply..

    terima kasih :)

  2. xpelah kak..dah jumpe post akak yg lg satu psl interview tu..thanks :)

  3. salam akak, sy student dr iium jgk :) nk tny mcm mana akak apply for academic trainee iium?

    1. Salam farhana.biasanya leh cek kat website iium dekat jon opportunity advertisement.kalau ada kekosongan,kulliyyah akan masuk kat advertisement situ.. So,do check the website eh!


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