Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan...

Salam ramadhan everyone...,

It's a 2nd day of Ramadhan today.. Cam terlambat sket nak wish Happy Fasting + Terawih to all.. hehehe..

Hope this Ramadhan will bring more Barakah and Maghfirah to us, InsyaAllah. And I personally hope this Ramadhan will bring me some motivation in my life.. Semoga lebih bersemangat dan focus adapting myself as a studying mama + wifey..

*sigh...* Izzah was right, being a studying mama,ain't no easy.. Especially when we don't have assistant @ bibik.. I hardly had time to do extra study at home. Masa dan-dan untuk buat assignment jek. The rest dok sibuk dengan Fatin & household. Boleh ke nak score if camnih? And I only have 2 years to finish my Master (legally la..since it's stated in the agreement wif UIA)..

And it's so happened that Fatin is now very cerdik bin bijaksana, she will start acting cranky whenever her mama is not at home. Jenuh la nenek, atok and nana(my sissy) dok memujuk. Langsung satu keje len tak leh nak buat... Her Ayah memang tak yah baca la, kerja memanjang, dari siang sampai ke malam... As a results, my family la menjadi mangsa melayan your highness tuh...
That's why, I don't have the guts to leave her at home with my family while I can sit peacefully at the library or anywhere in UIA to study. For me that's SELFISH plak.. Huhuhu.. But studying at home, definitely is a big NO coz this lil' angel akan bising bila Mama tak layan dia and,bila dah duduk kat rumah,mmg bnyk la distractions@responsibilities len that I have to take care of..
Konon nak study malam bila Fatin dah tido, hmm, tak jalan jugak sebab di malam hari, most of the time, I yg collapse dulu dari Fatin. hahaha..Entah la ngape, TERSANGAT PENAT.. Hadoi...In the end, tak study jugak.. *sigh lagi...*

but sometimes terfikir, tah-tah, I yg tak pandai manage my time well? Everyone is given with the same 24hours a day! Maybe I need some sweet time to bertafakur to re-organize my time and myself...

Huhuhu... Hoping things will be better in the future..
O Allah, I seek Your assistance.. Please show me the best path.... Amin..

1 comment:

  1. farah..

    it is a tough journey..being a mommy,a wife and student especially sgt penat..we experienced the same thing..bezanya,mak ayah aku aku harapkan suami aku la yg jaga sarah..

    betul sgt apa yg hg ckp bab study tu!nak baca buku saja2 mmg xdak hard i try to find and manage my time tp still fail ja memanjang...

    kita kena kuat semangat!!kita boleh!!!

    and aku slalu pujuk hati aku.."BELAJAR ADALAH SATU JIHAD KE JALAN ALLAH"..kita sedang berjihad!amin..


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