Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Love Song

Hey peeps..,

It's 128am and I'm so tak ada keje suddenly feel like posting something here..Hahaha..Well,actually I did some revision on Digital Control System (DCS) subject just now..Hahaa..But biasala,when we are trying to do something holy,all the devils in the world will come and goda-goda to stop and do something 'lagha' instead...Astaghfirullah hal Azim... Apa nak jadi.. Tapi, nak tulis jugak..Hahaha..

K..,back to the story, why love song.. Haha.. Out of the sudden, I'm in romantic mood la plak nak ber'love song' plak.. Actually, I was listening to Maher Zain's album while studying. So in love with his genre!! Nice to hear and yet, contains loads of message for us to think of..

So.., there is a song in there, entitled "For the rest of my life"... It's actually a song that a husband sang for his wife. The song is soooo sweet.. Kinda Islamic, yet,romantic.. I loike...Because of that, then I wanna add that song to my love song list.. Hihihi...

Before this, I had some of other songs that I (wic means Encek suami tak terlibat dalam pemilihan..hahaha) considered as our love song..Cewaahhh.. Among the favourite,
"Ketulusan Hati" by Anuar Zain.. I started to consider this as our song during our wedding.. Ala-ala ketulusan hati I towards Encek Suami la..Hahaha

and "Pastikan" by CT Nurhaliza..This song dah lama ada dalam carta.. Since zaman bercinta dulu.. Why? Cause this song reflects my way of loving him.. I sangat suka marah & carik gaduh dengan Encek Suami masa muda remaja dulu.. However, doesn't mean I don't love him.. So the lyrics of this song, truly suits my situation.. Hehe..

There you are.. The top 3 favorite love songs of mine..Hihihi.. Encek suami,I dedicated the songs for you..Enjoy...


  1. OMG.. For the rest of my life.. Nuurill fanatik giler lagu ni. Suka sangat. Best lyrics, best melodi..rasa syahdu je bila dengar. Harusla Nuurill terikut mood romantik Farah dah ni. Haha

  2. Ohh....harus!!! Mari bersama-sama meromantikkan diri.. Hihihihi


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