Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hari ini dalam sejarah..

Assalam u'ols...

Title nak bajet gempak aje.. Hehehe..

Anyway, how are u'ols my sis n bro? Hopefully we are all in good health and be blessed by God in every breath that we take.. 

Alhamdulillah, I just (tak le 'just' sangat.. Dah sempat mencekik dah..) finished my 1st research progress presentation.. Nervous nyah! Macam tak pernah present pulak nya.. Alhamdulillah, everything went well.. Got some comments from the lecturer, will make improvement and modification accordingly.. 

New semester starts today.. So.., UIA is crowded once again.. Hehehe... InsyaAllah, hoping that this semester will be much better than previous semesters. *Yang kena be better nya saya la..bukan semester itu... Hahaha*

Actually, there's one more thing to share.. And in fact, that thing yang ada kaitan dengan my title tu...

Alhamdulillah, syukur kepada Allah ta'ala.., on 29th January 2012, we finally have received the keys for our first house.... 

Happy nya, Allah sahaja yang tau.. I was smiling all the way.... Tanya Enche Suami.. *dia pun perli-perli...Haha* 

Tipula kalau tak excited, 1st house... And nak cerita punya la excited *actually the word 'jakun' is more suitable, I guess... >.< *, on that evening jugak we went to Puchong Intan to choose and collect the lamps and fans for the house..  *Sangat jakun bukan??*

Oh, I mentioned 'choose and collect' because we already paid for the lamp during the Home Deco Expo last year.. Masa pergi expo tuh, this company, Avalon offered quite a good deal.. We just bought, sort of a package of certain amount and we can choose and collect the lamp within 1 year of purchase. On top of that, they gave free RM200 vaucher for every RM1000 spent. 
So say you bought the RM2000 package, u got RM400 free vaucher, so total up, u'll get RM2400 of lamps and fans. You can choose any type of lamps later on.. Thought it was a good deal, so we took the package.. :)

So last week was a busy week juga lah.. Bukan busy pasal pelajaran, busy pasal hal rumah.. Almaklumlah, masih jakun.. Dok asik pikir pasal rumah je.. Hahaha...

So far, Alhamdulillah, furnitures settled, grill and kitchen cabinet ordered. Tinggal furnitures bilik anak dara belum shopping lagi... We are actually planning to train her to sleep on her own bedroom once we move in.. Since she's 2yrs old already *based on hijriah calendar*, and I plan to wean her soon.., so kira right on time la kebetulan dah dapat masuk rumah baru...  But of course la kena train step by step kan.. 
Mama's advice, 1st step is to deco her room nicely.. So that she's attached to her room.. Sebab tuh la lambat sikit beli furnitures bilik dia.. Nak kena carik yang lovely and cute sikit.. Hahaha...

Again, Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful to the gracious Allah for the rizq and nikmah that he has showered for us.. Alhamdulillah... 
May this little house that we owned will bring more love and barakah to us anak beranak.. Amin..

So k lah... Anyway, I tempek some pictures.. Tak banyak gambar rumah.. Asik lupa nak snap gambar after the house is cleaned.. Hehehe..

View from the house...
Our little home, from outside
Err..I did mentioned that I was smiling all day long kan?
'Ini rumah pertama saya', kata Enche Suami
Us.. Fatin was not there masa amik kunci..huhu

 Loads of love, 
* Farah Jasni*


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