Monday, June 6, 2011

Nur Kasih The Movie : A Review

p/s - This post is actually written petang tadi.. But since UIA's/only my lab's network was down, no internet connection, so, baru dapat post malam nih.. Hehehe...

Assalamualaikum u’olls…

Hey, me again.. I’m suppose to read a bunch of journals that were given my dearest supervisor.. But I am SOOOOO DARN LAZYYYY… Hadoi… *Sighing like I never been lazy before… Duhhh!!.. Hehe.. *

So.., since I’m not in the mood to read rite now, so I choose to write instead. Hehe.. Ok kan, my reason of act?? Brilliant! Hehehe..

Today, I would like to write bout the Nur Kasih The Movie.. I mentioned in my previous post, that this movie is in must-watch-list.. And I planned to watch it with my beloved mama.. And YES, we did it!! Hehehe.. Last 2 weeks, my Mama and I went to TGV Wangsa Walk to watch Nur Kasih The movie.. Yeay.. It was fun!! Sebab dah lama tak watch movie ngan Mama.. I think the last time I went to cinema wif Mama was for Batman Return kot.. Lama sangat dah.. Tuh pon, with the whole family.. So technically, this is our 1st cinema date.. Nice!!!

Korang dah tengok dah movie tersebut? What do you guys think? Hehehe.. Ok, personally, I think, that movie is good.. However, it is not as excellent as the series.. Still, Nur Kasih series tatap menjadi pujaan hati ku.. There was too much tests and obstacles for Nur and Adam.. And, I think, there’s too much to tell in the movie, but the time is not enuf, jadi, they tend to cut the story short, make it, unelaborated. This is my personal opinion la..

Nonetheless, I still cried agak dasat at certain scene.. *Pssttt.., Mama sampai pow my tissue tuh sebab tissue dia abih.. Hehehe…*. The most heartrending scene is the conversation between Adam & his mother after he finally gave up and decided to go back to kampung. Oh.., he was sick by the way (for those who haven’t watch it or not planning to watch it.. Hihihi). So Adam was asking for his mother forgiveness and mintak halal makan minum sume la.. Ye la, he was a bad son at one time.. So the things that his mother said really made me sobbed.. I don’t really hafal the script la, but, it sounds something like this..

“Adam tak ada dosa dengan mak. Kalo pon ada Adam berkasar dengan mak, kecikkan hati mak, masa tuh jugak mak ampunkan Adam. Itu tugas mak, untuk ampunkan dan restukan anak-anak.. Mak tak nak anak-anak mak derhaka pada mak dan tak sempat mintak ampun pada mak.. Sebab tuh mak ampunkan siap-siap…”

Huhuhuhu… So…..sad… Reminded me of someone.. Masa nih mmg both of us crying sampai hingus-hingus la.. Hahaha.. I think everybody in the theatre kot.. Oh silap-silap.. There was a man, who sat one seat next to me, dia tidur while his wife/girlfriend tengah nangis.. *I sempat lagi dok sibuk hal orang tuh! Hahaha..*

The rest was ok la.. But the ending is.., hmm.., I think, confusing.. I dunno, maybe the director intentionally wanted the audience to predict the ending… I dunno whether it’s only me and mama yg macam tercengang-cengang with the ending, but, memang ada question mark la! Sebenarnya Adam meninggal masa tua ke masa muda tuh? Confused! Hahaha..

Satu lagi, macam agak tak puas hati, sebab finally, after what she has been thru, she got Alzheimer?? I mean, the she is Nur.. Tak best la gitu… Sebab Nur that I know (of coz from the series la..) is a tough and strong-hearted woman.. Takkan la lepas Adam meninggal, she lost herself? Haha… *Ehh, banyak sangat cerita, pi la direct sendiri!! Hehehe…*

But as a whole, the movie is satisfying and worth it! Tak nyesal tengok.. The video quality is superb.. Very nice..

And one more thing that I adore much in the movie is the moral value.. In the movie, Adam & Nur opened, something like rumah kebajikan where the teenagers, spoiled teenagers to be exact can come and learn Islam. And there was a scene where Adam invited an Ustaz to be a speaker to the teens.. When the Ustaz arrived, he suddenly refused to be the speaker, looking at the condition of the teens.. The girls were not covering the aurah, the boys and the girls sitting next to each other.. Pendek kata, tak ‘Islamic-environment’ lah..

So Adam was trying to tell the Ustaz that these teens, deserve a chance.. They were jahil, not in the know! So they need guidance who can show them, what is right and what is wrong. And to let them attracted to Islam way of life, we can’t force them, we have to show love and care to them… TANG! I say, the movie NAILS IT!!! I totally agree with the argument! Sangat correct!

Islam is not ONLY for the ustaz and ustazah.. Islam is not ONLY for those you stays in the masjid.. Islam is not ONLY for those who already knows Islam.. Islam is not ONLY for those who are already in the correct path!

Islam is for all.. And every human being on this earth deserve a chance to know Islam.. And we all, who have a little bit of knowledge about Islam, should NOT be skeptical to those who are not as lucky as we are.. Tak boleh pandang serong.. Tak boleh anggap diorang tak guna.. The very least, we pray for them, that someday, they will find the light…

I memang respect the script writer.. I think she did research and she really understand the very basic of Islamic muamalat..

Guess that’s is for Nur Kasih The movie review.. Of course this is only my personal view.. Haha.. If you ask me, out of 5stars, I give 4 stars for Nur Kasih The Movie..

Ok, that’s all.. Till next time.. Bye…


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