Sunday, August 15, 2010

EXPERIMENT TITLE : Introducing Solid Food to My Dear Baby Fatin Amani

Salam peeps,

Since I'm now practically an Engineering student, so I have to utilize the experiment-reporting skills. Hehe.. so today, I will write this post in experiment report form.. (Sungguh tak ada keje kan??)


EXPERIMENT TITLE : Introducing Solid Food to My Dear Baby Fatin Amani

Date of Experiment : 13/08/2010

Introduction :

The idea to perform the experiment is actually sparked out when the subject's grandparents (both side Gombak & Klang) keep asking when to start introducing the solid food to the subject. Since Mama dah pressure and furthermore, the Fatin Amani is reaching 6months old this end of this month, so Mama thought, maybe she's ready to the solid food as an additional nutrients other than breast milk. And moreover, she starts to show sign of 'terliur' when she sees other people in da house makan (we always bring her to the dining when we have lunch or dinner). So, Mama finally decided to start the solid food and chose 13/08/10 as tarikh keramat for Fatin to have her first solid in her life and potato puree the first food ever after mama's milk... =)

Apparatus :
  • Fatin Amani binti Mohd Rozaidi (which will be the SUBJECT in this experiment)
  • Potato Puree
  • Tea spoon
  • Plain water
  • Bowl

Experiment Objectives :
  • to introduce the solid food to the subject
  • to check whether the subject is ready for solid food
  • to snap pictures of the subject on her reaction to the solid food (aik, nih pon leh jadi objective?? Hehehe)
Hypothesis :

It is predicted that she will enjoy her first solid since she always looks interested to food when she sees others eating.


a) The solid food preparation procedure
  1. Slice the a potato into 4 pieces
  2. Boil the potato slices (agak-agak la sampai empuk)
  3. Toskan and wait till it is not to hot
  4. Blend 2slices of the potato with some water
  5. Pour the blended potatoes to the penapis to get the puree
the final product

b) Serving the food to the subject
  1. Wear the bib to the subject to avoid the needs to change to a new cloth after feeding ;p

fatin's steady face b4 the experiment, playing wif her favourite Mr. Paul

2. Use a clean tea spoon to feed the subject

(Ready for the results....?? Jeng jeng jeng.......)


Yuck!!! What's this??

Please Mama, ask nenek to stop serving me that..

Not again!!!

It tastes awful! Huhuhu...

Discussion & Conclusion:

Hahaha.... She definitely hated it (sampai nak termuntah my baby telan potato puree tuh, unfortunately I didn't snap the pic sbb busy usap-usap dada dia... Hehehehe).
The results are based on few reasons (I think la...)
  1. She is not ready for solid food (thus the interest that she shows is just a false alarm..??)
  2. She hates potato. Not tasty?? (Dear, when u r in mama's womb, potato was my favourite!!Dalam perut suka, skang tak suka plak dah..??)
  3. The recipe is just not suitable for her, the beginner..
Looking at the causes of the results (180degree deviated from hypothesis..hadoi...), some counter measures that I can think of:
  1. Delay the solid food until she is 7/8 months,maybe..Or at least wait until she is 6months old.
  2. Try other puree. For instance the carrot puree...
  3. Improvise the recipe! Advices from my cuzzy sisters (Kak Wiwi & Kak Yani), pour a little bit of breast milk and mix it well with the food. So maybe she will accept it better since there is still taste that she familiar with, which is the milk.. (Mama's milk is still the yummiest kan Fatin??? ;p)
Considering all the options above, I have decided to perform another experiment later. So future experiment plan/design:
  • to perform the experiment only after she is at least 6months old.. Which will be after 26th August..
  • to use carrot puree mixed with breast milk as the material..
In conclusion, the experiment is successfully done although the result is not like what is expected. The causes and potential counter measures are discussed. The next experiment to check the same set of objectives to be performed.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ahlan Wasahlan Ya Ramadhan...

Salam ramadhan everyone...,

It's a 2nd day of Ramadhan today.. Cam terlambat sket nak wish Happy Fasting + Terawih to all.. hehehe..

Hope this Ramadhan will bring more Barakah and Maghfirah to us, InsyaAllah. And I personally hope this Ramadhan will bring me some motivation in my life.. Semoga lebih bersemangat dan focus adapting myself as a studying mama + wifey..

*sigh...* Izzah was right, being a studying mama,ain't no easy.. Especially when we don't have assistant @ bibik.. I hardly had time to do extra study at home. Masa dan-dan untuk buat assignment jek. The rest dok sibuk dengan Fatin & household. Boleh ke nak score if camnih? And I only have 2 years to finish my Master (legally la..since it's stated in the agreement wif UIA)..

And it's so happened that Fatin is now very cerdik bin bijaksana, she will start acting cranky whenever her mama is not at home. Jenuh la nenek, atok and nana(my sissy) dok memujuk. Langsung satu keje len tak leh nak buat... Her Ayah memang tak yah baca la, kerja memanjang, dari siang sampai ke malam... As a results, my family la menjadi mangsa melayan your highness tuh...
That's why, I don't have the guts to leave her at home with my family while I can sit peacefully at the library or anywhere in UIA to study. For me that's SELFISH plak.. Huhuhu.. But studying at home, definitely is a big NO coz this lil' angel akan bising bila Mama tak layan dia and,bila dah duduk kat rumah,mmg bnyk la distractions@responsibilities len that I have to take care of..
Konon nak study malam bila Fatin dah tido, hmm, tak jalan jugak sebab di malam hari, most of the time, I yg collapse dulu dari Fatin. hahaha..Entah la ngape, TERSANGAT PENAT.. Hadoi...In the end, tak study jugak.. *sigh lagi...*

but sometimes terfikir, tah-tah, I yg tak pandai manage my time well? Everyone is given with the same 24hours a day! Maybe I need some sweet time to bertafakur to re-organize my time and myself...

Huhuhu... Hoping things will be better in the future..
O Allah, I seek Your assistance.. Please show me the best path.... Amin..


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